Sunday, 16 March 2008

Palm Sunday Services 2008 by HB Baselius Thomas I

Photos Courtesy- Mr. Gary Kurien Paul


biju said...

thanks for posting the photos.I could identify Dr C A Ninan Dr Babu Paul
Biju Piravom

John Punnachalil said...

Its been long since I have been to St. Peters church. I could recognize Dr Babu Paul and Dr CA Ninan. Rest are all new faces.
John Punnachalil

paitelachen said...

Iam so glad to see the photos of passion week. Very nice to see Babu Paul sir, Ninan sir, Yeldho and Paul semmasan. Lot of new Altar boys I couldn't recognize. Church looks very beautiful. Did you made another entrance on the left side?. Like to see the congregation, Please post some pictures. Thanks Paul semmasan Do you remember me?. Thanks Fr. Jose Paitel. Philadelphia, U S A.